Khakassia: the paths of ancestors

Before this trip I did poorly imagined what Khakassia and where it is.We drove, so to say, by his heart and hope for the best, because the information was almost none.

purpose of the trip was to leave it on wildlife, away from the crowds and relax without pyanok and discos.The problem was that decided to go on a train that paralyzed our movements, because to get to some places you can only their own.

Where to go and where to stay?

First, we wanted to go to the Shire - the largest tourist village near the lake of the same name.The pictures all look beautiful and attractive, but in the future we did not regret that did not stop there. no mistake: Shira - it is something like Sochi 90 only on a small scale: many of the private sector, which is dealt every basement (solid signs "Housing", "Rooms", "Rent House");many built cottages with an incredibly inflated price tags, natural markets for tourists from the Chinese was a bad souvenir (found only one place where we bought magnets local master), also in

the markets actively sold Samsa-shawarma, glasses, relatively tasteless decorations with plastic and naturalrocks (again is not locally produced).In addition she brings Shira pretty depressing thought: gray dusty streets, trash, roadside eatery, doubtful Kompashki drunken guys.I do not want to offend anybody from the local, so I apologize for such statements about their village, but what we saw caused a rather disgusted. At the forum I found the theme of the last car trip to Khakassia and there were very good reviews about the base "Tomichka", which was in the depths of Shirinsky area.I called back to the base marina very mistress cheerfully said that they are waiting for us, places to eat, tours organize themselves, feed themselves, too, and even near the train we meet and bring into place.That's all decided - we go to the base of Khakassia "Tomichka."

Khakassia met!

We arrived at night at the station in the Shire (by the way, this thought will have to go to Abakan, and then by bus), it was a little scary and uncomfortable.We fished out from the crowd a young girl in a tracksuit, sat in the nine Man-driver and we drove through the dark woods and 30-40 minutes (to be honest, it never the best thought creeping).We arrived at the base, where we were immediately given a key to the street and told to go to bed, and all the formalities left in the morning.

And in the morning I left the house and - oh, Gods!- The database is in the middle of the mountains!An incredible feeling that all is well and we were not mistaken.

A trip to Khakassia: My Review

service based on a very good and home: the food is tasty and inexpensive, there is even now milk and cream.For a nominal fee of $ 100, you can take a sauna, large or small.There are free outdoor shower."Tomichka" - the largest base in the county, they have their own horses for horse riding, kayaking alloys, equipment for speleological expeditions.The houses are small and new, inside there is even a heater.It is also possible to put on the base of your tent (I think it is also worth 100 rubles).What really surprised: there on the basis of two bicycles, a small shooting range for shooting and throwing knives, badminton - and give it all just to use, that is not for money.

Sightseeing and excursions

in the surrounding area (walking distance) 3 caves of varying complexity: «Archaeological» (the most simple and wide), «Cyril» (inside need to roll down a smallicy voronochke) and famous "Pandora's Box» , which is divided into two floors (the cave complex and quite scary, which alone is worth the steep descent into the narrowing crack, but the feeling is worth it if you do not suffer from claustrophobia).Yet there is a cave "Cross", but did not lead to the tourists.In the first two caves you can easily go with kids.

A trip to Khakassia: My Review

Rafting White Yus (we liked it so much that we floated twice) - alloy is very calm, no seething craters and rocks protruding from the water.But views are beautiful, swim and feel the harmony of the whole world.Another guide will tell a lot of interesting stories about the surrounding rock.

We also took a trip to Salt Lake Tus , the water there is very close to the salt concentration of the Dead Sea water.They soak in water, smeared with mud, and then went to a nearby fresh water lake and washed off all this joy.

Hike on marble quarry , which previously was an active development was also very interesting, it's true all the abandoned and looted already, but I've never been to these places, and I was curious.

A trip to Khakassia: My Review

Another local entertainment - hike on the trail of ancestors Togyz-Az. It is a long, narrow trail along the cliffs at a height, you need to climb up and down, somewhere prolazit through caves (so wear comfortable shoes and grab the water).Until the last point of "Cave of Love" we went for a long time, an hour or two, perhaps - stunning views from there, it runs at the bottom of the river.

A trip to Khakassia: My Review

Now mark for the adventurous: having reached the end - go back, not for a fine trail leading down to the water.They're not going anywhere!You izrezhete all the arms and legs prickly bushes burn in the sun, get lost, going down the unstable rocks, and the water did not get as you hit the steep slope.In general, do not repeat others' oshibokJ We hike on this trail took almost the whole day, but it was great.

The rest: we rode on horses, visited the ruins of the old castle (in fact so called cracked mountain, but very very similar), bathed in the White Iyuse, went on Lake ITKOL , walked around the local mountains, looked at Tuim failure (flooded mine with a strange green water), visited the National History Museum in Shire (by the way, do not be lazy to drive, there is a real mound Khakases).

A trip to Khakassia: My Review

And all this for 10 days!We had a very busy program and we spent quite a bit (for 2013 - general expenses were 10-13 thousand per person).Weather

all 10 days was excellent - the sun 25, a fresh breeze.

In general, I highly recommend everyone to go there and see for himself.It is a beautiful, budget, and above all, active.We did not have the feeling that we had come to a rest, rather, we have come to visit old friends.It's very home-like and good.Wonderful women will feed you, plain and active instructors Sasha, Vitaly and Anna will guide you along the route.A hostess base Marina - so do female song: it is both vigorous and experienced pioneer counselors refers to all with all my heart.Before leaving, we left almost with tears in his eyes, hoping to see each other again in the future.

Yeah, maybe in Khakassia has not yet debugged tourism, you will not find super-conditions and some incredible sights, but it's a good opportunity to get away from the bustle of big cities and the rest in the first place, the soul.

If you have any questions - write comments, I am happy to help any way I can.

Good you travel routes and decent!

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