How to glue false eyelashes

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Eyelash piercing eyes beautiful female eyes considered the strongest "weapon" of temptation, which perfectlyevery woman should own.However, to this "weapon" beat on the spot, you need to skillfully make up eyes and think about how to emphasize the look long and lush lashes.Not every beauty can boast flawless lashes, but do not despair.This deficiency is easily corrected false eyelashes that every day are becoming increasingly popular.It is only necessary to know how to glue false eyelashes, to complement the charming image.Tell us about it in more detail.

How to glue eyelashes

This service provides welcome beauty salons, but you can stick lashes and yourself, because the procedure does not require special skills.We just need to follow some rules:

  • to choose the right glue, locking cilia (cosmeticians advise professional adhesive, as one that is sold together with the eyelashes, is not very good);
  • decide for yourself: eyelash glue by hand or with the use of forceps;
  • follow the rules applying and removing mascara.

How to choose the glue

Experts advise to buy for this purpose a special glue, which can be of three types: water-resistant, plain white or black.When applied to the eyelashes white glue becomes transparent.Waterproof adhesive superfiksatsiey more suitable for women with heavy and thick eyelashes.But the black adhesive can be used only if it will be possible to disguise the black eyeliner.For light makeup so the glue does not come up.

technology gluing eyelashes

for sticking cilia using forceps or tweezers is necessary to squeeze out of the glue on the back of his hand.After giving him some thicken, you can begin to label eyelashes.The beam or individual cilia, holding a pair of tweezers, you need to moisten the ground in the adhesive, and then attach to the upper eyelid, starting from the outer corner of the eye.

to the naturalness of the beauticians are advised to stick some overhead between their natural cilia.Pressing eyelash to the eyelid is literally a few seconds, you can repeat the manipulation of the following cilia along the lines of growth.Ideally, the distance between them should be 1-2 mm.

popular lately become so-called "solid eyelash."They consist of a pair of false eyelashes to stick more easily.To do this is to draw the eye contour dark pencil, and as close as possible to the line of growth of cilia.Warm the product in his hands for more flexibility, they should be applied to the upper eyelid to check the length.If necessary, the excess part of the carefully cut with scissors.Causing the adhesive evenly onto the substrate such cilia, it is necessary to hold 30 seconds, then apply on the eyelid with your finger and press.

ink staining

When cilia are in place, you need to pat them, making sure that nothing prevents centuries.After that, it can be applied to the eyelashes mascara.This will align the color between natural and fake eyelashes.To make it look harmonious, a shade of mascara should match just glued eyelashes.Apply mascara in two layers, and the second should be applied, without waiting until completely dry first.

How to remove false eyelashes

Knowing how to glue false eyelashes, do not forget how to remove them.It uses the fat means that removes eye makeup.Suitable as a special gel that dissolves the glue.But you can not take your eyelashes, as in this case, can lose their own.Be charming and raduyte surrounding beauty of your eyes!