lice and nits - Getting rid of head lice

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Lice Such unpleasant disease as pediculosis, is familiar to many.Most often suffer from it kids.And, apparently, in the modern world it was an infestation of lice gradually disappear, but no, today's parents often bring children to the doctor complaining of head lice and nits, who settled in the hair of the baby.And not always in your issue to blame parents.Pediculosis - insidious disease, which a child can become infected by contact with infected minute peers.On the causes of infection, as well as what lice and nits are most effective, we learn from this publication.

reasons lice

should understand that lice do not come from nowhere.The cause of the nits is always the infected person.Especially susceptible girl with long hair, because lice cling to them more quickly.Dangerous in this regard, "girly" games "barber" and other games in which kids have shared toys and personal hygiene items.In this re

gard, the infection most often occurs in the kindergarten, school or summer camp.How to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon?

Mechanical removal of lice and nits

Parents should remember that the chemical means to combat head lice are contraindicated for young children.Each agent must be selected individually, taking into account the child's age.But this data will not be effective if carried out on a daily basis is not the mechanical removal of lice.

it must Conducted by the following rules:

  • first of all, the head should be well washed with a shampoo, a conditioner that will make them more obedient;
  • if you can shave the hair must be for the shortest possible length;
  • need to comb your hair, using a comb with a minimum distance between the teeth;
  • vychesyvaya separate each strand, wipe the comb should be a paper towel, and boil after the procedure;
  • performing similar manipulations every day for two weeks, you can successfully cope with this problem.

lice and nits

1. Para-plus

This drug is a French production is a highly effective means to combat lice.He produced in the form of an aerosol spray and a lack of processing four.One application is enough money to get rid of these parasites.The active substance of this drug is not toxic to humans, but do not use a tool for the treatment of children up to 2 years.Spray the scalp, literally for 10 minutes, after which it was necessary to wash with warm water.

2. Nittifor

This Hungarian drug is available in cream form or as a solution.The active ingredient in it acts parmetrin substance, which has a devastating effect on the nervous system of the parasites.Momentary causing solution to the hair, it is left for an hour, then washed with water.If cream is used, it is applied to the hair drug substance and all can be left on the hair for a few days.This will only increase the effect of the action Nitiffora.

3. Lavinal

Ukrainian Lavinal drug is well-known and most popular means of lice and nits.Available in the form of a spray medicine, at its core is a blend of essential oils, which is detrimental to the lice.After spraying, spray on hair, wear a special hat that comes bundled with the drug, and to sustain the drug 40 minutes.Wash your hair with warm water they need to comb metal comb, which after each strand should be cleaned with a cotton swab.The drug is non-toxic and can be administered to children, but when you use need to avoid contact with eyes and skin.Take care of your kids!