reasons senile dementia

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Old man Unfortunately, often had to watch as an elderly person loses interest in life becomesslovenly, forgetful.In his behavior there are various oddities that have not previously been seen.And people close to the elderly person often do not immediately realize that such disorders - these are the first signs of dementia.In medicine, this state is called senile dementia - a disease in which a person takes a progressive disintegration of mental functions.The main cause of senile dementia - the development of brain tissue atrophy of irreversible processes.


Usually dementia begins to develop in people who have stepped 70-year milestone of life.First, the nature of the patient's pathological changes observed such as suspicion, distrust, callousness, self-centeredness.After some time appear senile traits: an inexplicable obstinacy, malice, fault-finding, loss of emotional contact with loved ones.Develops unexpl

ained avarice, the patient begins to collect and accumulate useless things.In the future, the person is only getting worse setbacks: lost a critical attitude to himself, the patient is not interested in its appearance, it becomes untidy, messy.

course, in senile dementia suffer memory and intelligence.Man can not remember recent events or what he said a few minutes ago (fixation amnesia), the ability to disappear to the conclusion, synthesize, analyze situations.Finally, the collapse of the mind leading to the fact that the patient ceases to make sense of what is happening.He does not remember his own name, residential address, the current date can be easy to get lost, having gone out of the house.Is lacking vocabulary, his speech becomes meaningless and incoherent.

Causes of

only thing is beyond doubt: senile dementia is the result of old age.Nutrients are no longer sufficient to enter the structure of the brain, so it is tissue atrophy.Why is this happening?Causes of accelerated aging of the brain are still under study.Experts put forward various theories of what is happening, which sometimes are confirmed.

Autoimmune processes

One explanation of progressive dementia is a failure of mechanisms that regulate the immune system.When you reach a certain age, a man of antibody produced in the body and are designed to protect it from foreign agents, changing their functional properties, the relationship and begin to attack the cells of the brain.The development of autoimmune processes and occurs central nervous system disorders.

insufficient blood supply to the brain cells

Some experts have a different theory of senile dementia.With age, the human circulatory system (blood vessels, arteries, capillaries) wears.Because of this, and the blood circulation in parts of the brain is a mass death of nerve cells (neurons).These degenerative changes, as well as autoimmune processes discussed above, doctors called primary dementia.In medical practice it is found most frequently (90%).In old age the nerve cells to regenerate very slowly, develop irreversible, so the primary senile dementia can not be cured.

Postponed disease, depression

But with secondary dementia, which is called functional, doctors are sometimes unable to cope.This senile dementia develops in the background of a serious illness.The impetus for its development can become head injuries, strokes, infections of the body, Alzheimer's disease, cancer and many other diseases.Eliminate secondary senile dementia only after timely and effective treatment of the underlying disease.

Another cause of dementia and the progression of atrophy of brain cells may be a permanent stay of an old man in a depressed state, living in conditions unfit for a normal existence.

course, taking care of a person suffering from senile dementia, requires a lot of patience.But respect for the individual patient should always be present.Do not swear or get irritated about his forgetfulness and carelessness.After all, inappropriate actions of an old man - a manifestation of a serious illness.