Hair Removal at home and in the Beauty Parlor Shavers

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Question beauty was very serious in women inall times.Particularly relevant issue body hair removal.If ten years ago was only available a simple razor, then today the means and methods greatly enhanced.Although the infamous razor until now is not the last.

However, we all know - the hair slowly grew longer and the skin remains smooth, the hair should be removed along with the hair-follicles.Shaving does not give such a result.Therefore, the aid comes epilation.There are two ways to combat unwanted body hair - a salon hair removal and hair removal at home.In advance, we note that correctly held hair removal at home is not worse than in the cabin, although some methods, salon-type can not be applied at home.

Thus, the cabin offers several options for hair removal - hair removal is a liquid resin or wax, photo and laser hair removal.The first option is very common and less expend

ed, but it is quite painful.Its meaning in removing hair using a special material and adhesive strips.Applied to the skin hot wax or resin bonded tightly special strip and then disconnect it comes from the skin of sharp movements.One area of ​​skin is conducted by one to three treatments.

However, in some cases it is necessary to resort to the methods of local anesthesia.For example, in axillary regions.It should be noted that the resin has a beneficial effect on the skin, and feeds it unlike wax.Laser hair removal will help to get rid of unwanted hair, if not forever, then for a very long time, but this requires an average of ten treatments.It turns out quite expensive.This method is suitable for removal of facial hair.Laser hair removal

calls to get rid of hair permanently.The procedure is painless and almost complete hair removal is necessary up to eight treatments.

conduct epilation home, you can use the same hot wax and strips, and the effect will be the same as in the cabin.However, in some places to carry out this procedure on their own rather difficult.And it is better to acquire special professional sets for the procedure.

Also at home is convenient to use the appliance.It removes the hair as well as wax - with hair follicles.It is convenient to take with you on a trip.However, many complain of pain treatments.But modern epilators are equipped with all kinds of anesthesia systems, some models have a feature hair removal in the water, which reduces the discomfort.

Today there are lots of ways to get rid of unwanted hair on the body and face, we can only choose one.