Natural Cosmetics

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woman in every age wants to look pretty.It is not necessary to go to the store or other and take expensive cosmetics, thick as a result of chemical elements come origin.What to do?

Cosmetic clay - is a natural natural substance, it has all the necessary minerals, trace elements and organic matter level design to maintain healthy skin and hair.In nature, there is various kinds of clay, or all of the other have a positive effect.Any category has its own color, composition and quality.Therefore, for a predetermined cosmetic voprostsa must select befitting the clay.

Honey is allowed to call the drug from all diseases, as its therapeutic characteristics are extremely significant.With the support of honey from the body removes harmful substances, increased hemoglobin, blood circulation is stimulated, the immune system is fixed, even in cosmetics honey found a use.The recipes of traditional medicine honey is one of the

important components.For the treatment of honey is no age limit, it can be useful to both children that way and people aged.Tinctures based on honey and herbs treat gastric ulcer, sciatica, rheumatism, toothaches, multiple sclerosis, alcoholism, and it is far not the whole list of diseases.

Natural honey can be of three types, honeydew, mixed and floral.Pine honey is honey that bees make from all kinds of sweet selections, both from plants and insects.The taste of this honey is not always pleasant.Yet it is in various shades from dark amber light on.Honey, that bees collect from various plants, referred to as mixed.Depending on where the collection its name, steppe, forest or meadow.The flavor and color of honey depends on the mixed nectar plants prevailing in it.

Flower honey is a product collected from plants of one species, yet it is called monoflerny.This is different types of honey from dandelion to cucumber from lime to apple.The name is taken from the concrete plant, from which the collected pollen.The properties of honey influence of many factors, such as the chemical composition of the earth, the time of collection, the breed bees, and so on.. However, all these aspects do not affect its medicinal properties, natural honey was always and will be useful for humans.