Learn the art of makeup - cleansing and moisturizing

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Makeup - that time has always paid great attention to womenover time.Suffice it to recall the famous Queen Cleopatra and her long, elegant hands, which drove men mad a lot of the time.Ugly women do not happen.It really is.It so happened that not all women know the art of makeup.Do I need it?Can we do without it?Sometimes you can, sometimes, well, just did.

Each of us wants to look gorgeous always, therefore, whether we like it or not, the cosmetics - it is a thing to us is necessary.Use makeup at a young age is not advised.Cosmetics need to adjust the face, camouflage imperfections of the skin.Before proceeding to the step of applying make-up, I want to tell you how to choose makeup.On the shelves of modern cosmetic stores is mass cosmetics: mascara, eye shadow, cream for the face and much more.The question is how to choose among the variety of what you need, and want.

was the right choice to not do without a trial and error method.You do not immediately see what you need: surely you pereprobuyte a lot of money before you choose what you need.If you can not choose the makeup, do not do it yourself.Ask your girlfriend, mother or other acquaintances, who knows a good judge.If you do not decide to take this step, go to the expert beautician to help you choose the right tone of lipstick, shadow color, shade of foundation.

In respect of cosmetics, there are expensive cosmetics, but there is not very much.It all depends on your financial position preferences.You bought everything you need, now move on to the next step - applying cosmetics.For this purpose we need the following: cleansing cream, moisturizing cream for the face, facial scrub.

In respect of cream, I would say the following, the cream should buy if you know your skin type.To begin to apply cleansing cream on the skin with a cotton circles.This is done in order to cleanse the skin from the remaining contaminants.The next step we put scrub that allows you to remove from the skin, dead and dead cells of the skin.If you do not, then lay down on the skin cosmetics uneven layer.And only after that we put moisturizer.