Symptoms of joint rheumatism - Diagnosis and treatment of diseases

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In common parlance called "rheumatism" most peopleunderstands the disease of the joints - arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis).However, any physician will tell you that the disease is a type of illness Sokolsky-Buyo, which is also called acute rheumatic fever.What is this pathology, where it occurs and what are the symptoms of rheumatic joints, describe in this article.

acute rheumatic fever is called a systemic disease that affects the connective tissues of the human body, mainly tissue of the heart muscle and joints.It is important to understand that the so-called "senile rheumatic fever", which is often seen in elderly people, in fact, is a manifestation of osteoarthritis - a degenerative, metabolic and degenerative diseases that a disease-Sokolsky Buyo is irrelevant.Acute rheumatic fever - an infectious disease caused by beta-hemolytic streptococcus group A, which

can live for a long time in the wells of the tonsils or the oral cavity, and with a decrease in immunity
causes of sore throat (acute tonsillitis), sore throat or scarlet fever, two weeks after thatand there is an acute articular rheumatism.

Paradoxically, but this infection often affects children from 7 to 16 years, with girls more often than boys.The risk of infection of acute rheumatic fever fall, mostly children with hereditary predisposition, and immunocompromised, which often suffer from infectious diseases.In addition, the risk of developing rheumatic fever have a person in the body which has the protein group, as well as people who are a long time in damp or have suffered hypothermia.

Talking about the symptoms of rheumatic joints have to say that children's disease begins acutely.They have a sharp pain in the joints, redness and swelling.And mostly affects large joints: the knee or elbow, shoulder, ankle, and others.Over time, the pain is so severe that the patient to touch the problematic joint.In addition, a patient with fever, often hold at around 40ÂșC, but without the chill.

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feature of this disease is that it has a "volatile" nature, ie 1-2 days swelling, redness and pain in the joint inflammation vanish and appear in another joint.According to doctors, the most commonly affected joints are the ones that are most involved in the work and experiencing the maximum load during walking.If not treated pathology or go to the doctor too late, rheumatism can affect not only the joints, but also the heart, leading to the development of the defect.

To diagnose rheumatic fever need only laboratory studies in which a sick observed leukocytosis and decrease in hemoglobin levels.

From the above it follows that acute rheumatic fever can not be treated independently, folk remedies, or guided by the advice of friends.This ill only lose precious time at which the disease progresses.Treatment should be carried out by qualified personnel in a hospital.The patient shows complete bed rest and peace.For the treatment of rheumatism at an early stage experts can apply antibiotics (erythromycin).But most of the treatment is carried out with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin).Severe cases involve the appointment of hormonal drugs (prednisolone).Parallel to this, to strengthen the immune patient prescribed gamma globulins, and glucocorticoids and immunosuppressants.

To effectively combat this disease it is important to complete the treatment, and therefore in addition to medications, patients should be strict diet is to limit salt and "bad" carbohydrates.On the contrary, in the patient's diet should be high protein, potassium and vitamin P and C, for which it is necessary to diversify the diet of fruits and vegetables.

Having overcome the acute state of the disease, the patient should undergo physiotherapy, including a UHF-therapy, paraffin baths, electrophoresis and warming infrared rays.Within a week or two signs of rheumatic fever is completely lost.

To prevent rheumatic joints, it is important to apply a series of measures to strengthen the body's immune system.To do this, a man needs a good rest and a healthy diet.In addition, it is important to exercise regularly and practice tempering.Take care of your own health, because disease is much easier to prevent than to treat later!