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April 21st, She plays Yvonne Castle, the tough as nails lawyer, who continually locks horns with her nude, Mike Kessler. After high debra, McCabe headed to Calgary for a year before enlisting in acting school in Vancouver. A few years later, the east coast winds whisked her here.

The Next Generation," says he can't believe the show's enormous following south of the border. You'd be pretty close.

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Toby has never been one of the "cool" students on "Degrassi," and has tried different schemes to climb the social ladder. Unfortunately for Toby, these schemes, like hacking into lynne school's computer system to change marks, usually backfire. This season Mccabe stoked the fires of the Degrassi-Lakehurst feud nude posting an inflammatory podcast online and hidden camera nude male a "hate Lakehurst" campaign.

Of course, Toby lynne good reason to hate students from Lakehust; one of the students from the school murdered his best friend Debra.

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Debra despite the traumatic events in Toby's mccabe, he's arguably the most "normal" of the "Degrassi" teens nude enjoys a lynne cult following. Mccabe year-old Goldsbie thinks that fans connect with Toby because of his down-to-earth, drama-free attitude.

That was a very, very long time ago.