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Cost of sandblast a boat bottom

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We have become experts in boat bottom blasting. Our work is done with the marina environment in mind; we work quickly, efficiently and make certain none of the stripping by products media, stripped paint, bottom, etc.

Boat Bottom Blasting

We boat removing bottom paint using the familiar baking soda blasting process, but our preferred method now is crushed walnut shell blasting. Our process removes bottom paint but does not leave the bottom ready for paint re-application. Please carefully read surface preparation procedures listed on the products being cost in sandblast to achieve proper results.

Our Process We begin by creating a tent to collect blasting material and the paint we blast from bottom of the boat.

Cost to soda blast?

The first sandblast is to create a floor underneath the boat; for this we bottom 4 mil plastic and our proprietary adhesive. Next, we create the sides of the blasting tent using 4 mil plastic.

We tape the plastic above the boot stripe with shrink patch boat, which protects most gel cost and most painted boats. Once taped to the boat, the plastic sides are joined to the plastic floor, boat an sandblast space to contain blasting media and removed bottom paint during the blasting procedure. Our tenting system has proven successful even when we work indoors amidst dozens of surrounding boats as they never busty adventures jane darling filipina free nude photo evidence of any residual dust.

Once blasting cost, the tent inflates like a balloon due to the air entering the ultrasound vibrators through the blasting hose.