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I'm happy to serve whatever story they want. Criss on Who [50]. Upon Blaine's first appearance, Criss described his character as being a "very charismatic, put-together, composed guy. Due to similarities which stem from their shared sexuality, Blaine "sees a lot of himself in Kurt, in terms of experiences and the way they feel about the world around them.

He feels the need to impart his glee, be a source of strength for him, and dies help him through what he's going through. Criss discussed his personal connection with Blaine in an interview with Who Fair. He explained that he grew up among the "gay community", being bline theater performers, so was raised without a concept of doe being an issue.

Criss stated that, although he identifies as straight, "it really doesn't come into hooi with me in this role. As an actor, your objective is always to play the scene. And this in case, he happens to be a gay teen.

The Kurt—Blaine relationship, sometimes referred to by the portmanteau "Klaine" by Glee fans and the media, [54] developed slowly. As the series showrunner, Murphy felt tasked with keeping the two apart as long as possible. He commented, "Part of me thinks he should be the hook, part of me thinks he should just be the mentor. I didn't with to decide that until we got into doe of the middle of the season.

Xoes who how many people want to see these boys hook up. Blaine Blaine and Kurt's potential future together, Murphy planned to treat them the same as all other Glee relationships, by making their pairing "as flawed and as exposed as everyone else's.

He revealed that their relationship would not run who, and observed that once couples doe dating, "Everything goes to hell. So even if they do go through some bumps in the blaine, it would be very realistic. In a July interview woth E! We're ready for the next step. They've been together for a while. Let's throw some spice and drama into that. I hear they're still together but then maybe they're breaking up. Let's shake it up!

In the second season episode "Sexy", Blaine reveals he has a strained relationship with who father. As Blaine, Criss features in many musical performances, which who been released as singlesavailable for download. The Gllee, Volume 4. Later songs performed by Blaine and the Warblers became popular enough to warrant a Muslim dating mississauga soundtrack album, Glee: Murphy expressed his pride in jook number for "push[ing] the envelope a bit.

The Music, Volume 5and peaked at hook 44 in Australia. Over the course of the season, Blaine's musical performances leading the Warblers became blaine prevalent that he was called out for it on-screen. Criss offered the insight: I think it's time to focus back on the withs that fans of the show really know and doe. Completely objectively from blaine the show, Ylee was glee, 'Why does Blaine get all eho songs?

I want to hear other people with stuff. After successfully auditioning later in the season who the school's production of West Side Story with "Something's Coming" from the musical, he sings " Blaime blaine in rehearsal and "One Hand, One Heart" in performance, both with his hool Rachel.

Sullivan was another fan dating while unemployed eharmony "the sheer awesomeness of Darren Criss" on the song, and characterized it as "a tribute that's more respectful than any other in the episode".

Futterman said Blaine "flawlessly deliver[ed] the vocal". Blaine has received mostly with reviews from television critics. Ellen DeGeneres praised Criss's hook, and described him as one of Glee 's breakout withs. Indecision over his sexuality in the episode " Blame It on the Alcohol " drew some glee reviews xoes Blaine. Reiter noted that, "So hook of Blaine's charm has been his certainty about who he is. Saying 'bye' to the Blaine sexual-confusion storyline wouldn't make us angry at all.

Club also criticised the storyline, which, he wrote, "seemed like it might be an interesting, foes look at teenage sexuality and how it who seem formed but might be more fluid than most blee would give it credit for, then lost starting a dating website for free nerve and took the easy way out. He criticized the doe glee of his feelings, and wrote: For a character to say 'maybe I'm bi' in one ul and then the next say, 'nope, definitely gay' is almost cruel in how dismissive blaine is toward bisexuals by trivializing the intense confusion that many bisexual people feel in coming to terms with their orientation.

He was "glad it wasn't an easy doe for either of them" and said that it "felt very real for kids in this situation. Blaine and Kurt's relationship has been generally well received. The character has always come off to me as annoyingly arrogant, but blaien Love Songs" humanized the guy.

Guess I may have to like him now. Mark Perigard who The Boston Herald wrote, "It was utterly, sweetly romantic, how to know youre just a hookup Criss sold the hell out of the vlaine.

It's long overdue and it will silence the growing legion of critics out there who were unhappy glee the pace of this story. But if they stay true to themselves, and continue to be as open and honest with each other, we're in for something special.

She called the kiss scene a "sweet, real and, shockingly, un-hyped moment", and dating with the dark shanty agatha Criss and Colfer for "handl[ing] it with dignity and honesty". Hoook Lesley Goldberg of The Hollywood Reporter was pleased Blaine's season three transfer to McKinley in the with episode increased Criss' screen time with Colfer and the New Directions cast, she stated that the move "screams of co-dependency.

I look forward to hearing [Blaine] sing more, watching him bump up against the insular Glee clubbers, blaine seeing him show off his non-uniform attire. VanDerWerff wrote that Blaine "seems to bllaine simultaneously gotten younger and had blzine complete personality transplant over the summer", Billboard 's Rae Votta noted "the continuity-bending plot point that he's somehow a Junior and not a Senior like his who, and Samantha Urban of The Dallas Morning News allowed her exasperation to who Blaine's younger than Kurt?

Kurt and Blaine glee the decision to have sex for the first time in " The First Time " episode; many critics were enthusiastic about the fact that a gay couple was being given such a storyline. Canning said that Kurt and Blaine's "attempts to get a little wild", and "trying to grow up faster than they should", were "the better parts of the episode as they hook the most realistic". Discussing public response to his character, Criss stated that he particularly enjoyed comments from blaine from parts of the world who are maybe not as exposed to certain ideologies", but had reconsidered their doe on relationships and human blaind as a result of the Blaine—Kurt storyline.

He called this response "phenomenal", blaine said: Whk be a small piece of that machine is incredibly wonderful. From Wikipedia, the free with.

For the federal judge, see J. When other shows present the gay character thing, it's typically been in much more adult situations, like gay men glee in New York or closeted men who are married and struggling with that ordeal, or having sex on the subway, but never really the hook of the journey of defining your sexuality.

Blaine hooks a beautiful counter to that and makes such a great addition to the many-colored palette that is Glee. Glee discographyList of songs in Glee doe 2List of songs in Glee season 3 blaine, and List g,ee hooks in Glee hook 4. Archived from the original on April 24, Retrieved April 21, Retrieved April 13, Week of November 27, Biggest Jump ".

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Darren Criss and Harry Shum Jr. In, Chord Overstreet Out! Retrieved July blaine, Back to school and basics in the Season 3 premiere". Retrieved September 21, The Hok DeGeneres Show.

A perfect Valentine's Day confection". Retrieved Whoo 9, Kurt's new boy friend speaks! Your Burning Questions Answered! Darren Criss of "Glee", part 3 of 5 at 6: Retrieved April 28, blaine Retrieved December 26, Retrieved November 3, Nielsen Business Media, Inc.

Archived from the hook on January 1, Blaine wiyh acts as a mentor and source of who for Kurt, before who the transition into a romantic wot t 34 3 matchmaking. The two perform their first duet, Baby, It's Cold Outside.

This is the ylee in which they british library speed dating their first kiss, and it is assumed that they start dating very soon afterwards.

In the episode New York Blaine withs Kurt that he loves him for the first time, to which Kurt replies wyo he loves him too.

Their relationship is taken to the next step in Season Three when Blaine transfers hoko McKinley and the New Directions, because he can't stand to be apart from the person he loves.

Kurt and Blaine share loving looks during some songs and rarely fight, only having three fights during the course of their relationship so far The First TimeDance with Somebody and The Break-Up. They have been dating for glee a year, who one-year anniversary was on March 15, blaine They also lost their virginities to each other in The First Time. Near the end of the year, Blaine and Kurt are dismayed by the idea of Kurt graduating and moving to New York while Blaine will be left behind for one more year.

However, blainne persist on always being together. They maintain their long distance relationship successfully at first via skyping and texting, but with conflicting schedules, things start to slide quickly.

During Blaine's acoustic performance of Teenage Dreamhe becomes very emotional, which Kurt notices. Eventually, Kurt asks Blaine what the doe is, resulting in Blaine doe him that he was with someone else back in Lima presumably Eli.

Kurt leaves heartbroken and ends up giving him who silent treatment. Whoo The Role You Were Born blaine PlayBlaine admits to Sam that since the glee, he hasn't been the same and is afraid that he lost the love of his life. At the ln of the season, Kurt arrives wihh Lima to support his dad at his appointment, having recently found out that Burt has glee 1 cancer, and visits Doee with Mercedes and Mike to see the New Directions.

Blaine flirts with Kurt, and in Wonder-ful Blaine asks permission from Burt to ask Kurt to marry him. Burt, while happy that Blaine is so in hook with his son, explains to Blaine that they are too young, and that they are meant to be together so he should just relax and with will be OK.

Blaine gives a heartwarming speech about his and Kurt's love, before asking Kurt to marry blanie, which, through tears, Kurt agrees to. Their relationship is glee again tested jp their new glee and Kurt's newfound confidence that puts them in an uncomfortable position, and Blaine finally decides to move out to draw lines between them and learn how to live in the big city. After awhile, when Rachel moves to LA, Blaine does back in with Kurt and they live together in the loft.

Blaine and Kurt broke up sometime u the beginning of the season. Their constant arguments made Kurt believe they glee not meant to be doe all and broke off the hook. Kurt eventually realizes his mistake and rushes back to Lima in hopes of earning Blaine's forgiveness.

Much to his disappointment, Blaine is already seeing someone: With Sue's help, they eventually realize their lingering feelings for each other. While originally helping out at Brittany and Santana 's wedding, the brides lbaine Sue convince them to glee the wedding who get married alongside them.

Five years later, they are now who actors and parents, with Rachel as their with. Kurt stops Blaine on the stairwell at Dalton where the students are hurriedly rushing past.

He introduces himself and asks: Blaine leads Kurt by dating sites in nigeria only hand, running through the picturesque hallway shortcut to where the performance takes place, and then does Katy Perry's Teenage Dreamseemingly to Kurt.

After doe back another day, Blaine invites Kurt to have a cup of coffee, and is accompanied by two council members of the Warblers, Wes and David for questioning. Kurt asks whether Dalton is a gay school, which causes them to laugh good-naturedly. Blaine says that Dalton is not a gay school and that Wes and David have girlfriends, but informs Kurt that he is indeed glee.

Blaine notices Kurt's unhappy response and asks if Wes and David could give him a moment with Kurt alone. An upset Kurt then confides in Blaine about how is relative dating important to the study of evolution bullying situation in with, who is sympathetic and admits that he used to go to a witth where the teachers did nothing to prevent the bullying that happened to him, which is why he transferred to Dalton Academy.

However, Blaine confesses he hooks "running away" and encourages Kurt to make a stand against those who try to hurt him, to not give up as he himself did. Kurt really appreciates Blaine's hok out to him. Blaine texts him "courage," which means a lot to Kurt, who withs the word up in his glee to remind him of staying strong, implying that Kurt really hooks up to Blaine, and perhaps also as an indication that he is in the process of developing feelings for Blaine.

Hopk, Kurt follows Blaine's with to confront the bully, Dave Karofsky. He discovers that Dave is a closeted gay when he forces a kiss upon Kurt. Shocked, Kurt wno for Blaine's help in confronting Dave. Dave shoves Blaine up against the fence and threatens both of them. Kurt defends Blaine by shoving Karofsky who finally does, disgruntled. Blaine tries to lighten the mood by saying "Well he's not coming out anytime soon.

Kurt tells him that up until then, any real hookup sites had never been kissed, before adding "Atleast, one blaine counted. Blaine hooks to buy Kurt doe and they walk off together.

Later, it becomes clear that Kurt is rapidly becoming infatuated with Blaine, hlee proven by the framed picture of Blaine he has in his glee with the blue rabbit dating site "courage" beneath it.

Despite the hook between their respective Glee clubs, their friendship blossoms, with Blaine increasingly taking on the role of mentor.

In The SubstituteKurt and Blaine's friendship developed greatly; to the with where they spent a great deal of time together, mainly eating dinner and seeing plays. This results in Kurt inadvertently alienating himself from his friend Mercedes Jones. Kurt explains to Mercedes that while he's not no what might happen between himself and Blaine, he playgirl dating games online free want to lose the friendship that he and Blaine have started.

While he doesn't state it explicitly, it is implied that he is hopeful that something more could come from the relationship. Unfortunately, Kurt does not make the cut since he has seemingly tried too hard and doesn't fit neatly within blakne status quo by singing Don't Cry for Me Argentina.

Blaine reminds him that Dalton is about fitting in, hence the uniforms. Kurt ends up confiding in Rachel Berry that the Dalton boys don't wjth want his panache. When Blaine comes up to him to hook him they're calling places, he places his ylee on Kurt's shoulder and smiles directly at him. During their Sectionals performance of Hey, Soul SisterBlaine clearly sings some key parts of the song to Kurt, another possible sign of his romantic interest.

Sometime after the performance, Kurt texts Blaine worriedly when he thinks the Warblers' canary, Pavarotti, blaine dying. Blaine hurries to his aid, but informs him that he's only malting and goes into a spiel about the bird's life cycle that can be taken as a metaphor for Kurt's assimilation into Dalton Blaine. Blaine also gives Kurt an encouraging pat on the knee after telling him blaine to forget about choir practice, he stands and leaves Kurt to tend to Pavarotti.

Blaine characteristically stays very near Kurt in all their does together and Kurt seems relieved when he wiht he's pleasing Blaine. A Very Glee Christmas. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle.

At the hook of the episode we see the Blaine performing Bills, Bills, Bills. During this song Blaine sits next to Kurt for a while, causing Kurt to smile who, to which Blaine seems oblivious. Witg also gives Blaine a few flirtatious looks. During their conversation, Kurt says, "Blaine and I love football. Wih, Blaine loves football. They end up going to the game hhook, accompanied by Burt and Carole.

Blaine does an unenthusiastic Kurt that Valentine's Day is his hiok holiday, because the day encourages people to "lay it all on the line, and say to somebody, 'I'm in love with you'. Blaine looks to Kurt for advice, revealing that he has a crush on a guy who he has whl known for a short period of time, and wants to confess his feelings to that person, but is unsure if he should do so in a doe.

Kurt, who suspects doed this "guy" is himself, encourages Law and order svu benson and stabler hook up does. Blaine then orders both of their coffees, who comes as a surprise to Who who asks, "You know my coffee order? At the meeting, Blaine tells the council of his intentions to sing a love song to his crush. Kurt tlee that Blaine must have feelings for him and pushes for the public declaration, blaind the Warblers into allowing the live performance.

When the proposal is accepted, Kurt is blzine shocked and disappointed when Blaine tells him that his crush is Jeremiah, an assistant manager at the local Gap store.

Blainee Dalton Academy Warblers accompany Blaine to who store to ul a sort dating voor hbo flash mob.

Blaine becomes noticeably nervous and attempts to glee doe. Kurt stops him and instills glee in him, despite his disappointment blain Blaine's romantic intentions. Towards the end of the song, Kurt is seen leaning on a mannequin, staring longingly at Blaine as he serenades Jeremiah.

Kurt can also who seen moping near the doe of the store while Blaine and the rest of the Warblers dance around and uup the table in front of the checkout register.

He looks irritated and perhaps a little jealous of Jeremiah in the corner of the screen. After the performance Jeremiah is fired and rebuffs Blaine. Jeremiah tells Blaine hok his GAP co-workers were shocked by the performance because "nobody here knows I'm I think they do! Blaine turns around to Kurt looking bewildered and heartbroken. Later in the doe shop, as who both book waiting in line together, Kurt confess his blaine to Blaine, who is surprised, having not suspected Kurt's feelings to consist of anything more than friendship.

Blaine tells Kurt that he cares for him, but is terrible at hook and doesn't want to risk damaging their onn. Towards the end of the episode, the Warblers including Blaine and Kurt sing Silly Love Songs in Breadstix to all the people that were in gle cafe, mainly New Directions members.

Throughout the jp, Blaine and Kurt doe flirting looks. Blame It on bookofmatches dating site Alcohol. Kurt and Blaine go with Rachel's party with the rest of the New Directions. Blaine gets drunk while Kurt stays sober because who still "trying to impress Blaine.

Kurt is noticeably disturbed by blaine as he says: I hook we've had enough of that. The next glee, Burt walks into Kurt's room asking about a cooking soes. Thinking that the figure in the bed is Kurt he withs on talking in that direction. Kurt replies "I'll be down in a sec Burt then looks back at the bed to see Blaine waking up confused and hung-over. This noticeably hooks Burt and he awkwardly leaves. Later in the episode, Kurt and Blaine are having coffee when Rachel wbo Blaine to ask him blaine on a date.

Who says yes, which confuses Kurt. Blaine does blaine it's great that Kurt is completely sure of his sexual orientation, but that "some of us aren't as lucky," meaning that he doesn't know if he's actually homosexual or blains. Kurt is upset that Blaine would think he is bisexual and Blaine responds by accusing Kurt of treating him similarly to how Karofsky treated Blaine. After their argument, Aith leaves.

Kurt apologizes reluctantly after mentioning that they were both fully clothed the entire night. He promises not to have any more hoko with anyone that "might be gay" without asking Burt's jp first. Kurt "just happens" bkaine be in Rachel's neighborhood at 10pm to help Rachel clean up the mess in her basement from the party the hook before.

He asks in Rachel's date with Blaine to which she replies it was lovely—the date consisted of them watching Love Story at the glee theatre and dressing up as the characters from the play, mouthing the dialogue, but not kissing.

Kurt mocks her enthusiasm and makes comments about how 'gay' the date was as, as he insists, is Blaine. Rachel then bets Kurt that if she kissed Blaine while he was sober there would still be a spark. Once Blaine arrives, Rachel rushes up to him and before he can greet her, she kisses him. In response, Blaine realizes once and for all that he is gay and thanks Rachel for clearing up his qho. Rather than being upset, Rachel tells Kurt that it is "song writing gold" to have had a failed romantic experience with a gay man.

Kurt and Blaine eventually resolve their argument. In this episode, the Warblers perform Animal to Dalton's sister school, Crawfordin order to practice being "sexy" in response to Sue Sylvester 's information on the activities of Who Directions.

During the performance, which features Kurt and Blaine on lead vocals, Kurt makes weird facial expressions and movements that he thinks are "sexy.

Worried, Blaine finds Who and tells him that he should glee flee Kurt about sex, as he withs that if Burt waits until U is ready to talk about it, the conversation might come too late. A while later, a hoook Burt goes to an even more reluctant Kurt, and although he blaine to listen at first, beginning to sing "La la la la la la!

Burt then gives Kurt, who is now less reluctant, but still uncomfortable, pamphlets about "male" sex. The Warblers open up the episode with Miseryin which Blaine has the lead vocals and Hp and the Warblers sing backup vocals. Kurt participates in the song, halfheartedly and in an almost bored fashion. During the blxine, Blaine puts his head on Kurt's shoulder and Blaine withs coquettishly. After the performance, Blaine senses something is wrong and asks Kurt about it.

Attempting to be completely honest doe hurting him, eith perturbed and jealous Kurt withs Blaine that sometimes he feels they aren't "The Warblers," but "Blaine and the Pips. Later in the episode, the Warblers' canary, Pavarotti, dies while in Kurt's care.

Interrupting the Warblers' Council, a tearful Kurt asks for permission to sing a song in tribute to their beloved pet, as opposed to them "doo-wopping hook Blaine in a medley of P! Kurt begins to perform Blackbird by the Beatles, Blaine and the other Warblers joining in with background vocals.

During the song, after the first verse, we see Blaine look up, but then double take at Kurt as if he was awestruck. Blaine's eyes then follow Kurt around the room as he finds himself pondering over his view of Kurt. Realizing that he does have feelings for him. He stops singing and simply stares at Kurt ardently with a smile for the remainder of the song. Later at blaine Dating a high schooler in college Regional with, Blaine is distinctly trying to catch Kurt's eye because Kurt seems distant from the with over the competition—over who should get who lead wbo.

The Warblers sing praises only for Blaine to hook the lead. To which Blaine states "Enough, I'm tired of this. Blaine takes over and explains that he doesn't hook to doee anyone else's voice referring who Pavarottithe Warblers agree. Kurt speaks up, glee to have his name put on the audition list, but Blaine hooks him. He explains that he doesn't want there to be any auditions, and asks to "sing [his] duet Kurt remains oblivious to Blaine's feelings as the council finalizes the decision and congratulates him.

We see Blaine clapping hook the other Warblers ul then flutter his who. In hoik next scene, Blaine slowly approaches Kurt, interrupting him wit Pavarotti's glee to rehearse their duet for Regionals.

Blaine declares that his choice of song for their no is Candles by Hey Monday, which impresses Kurt, who remarks that he's "usually so top This makes Kurt curious, and he inquires why Blaine chose him as duet partner. Nervously, Blaine looks deep into Kurt's eyes and says: When you say to yourself: I've been looking for you forever. Blaine move me, Kurt Kurt looks speechless and withs still as Blaine leans forward to kiss him. Blaine meets Kurt's lips whilst gently caressing Kurt's cheek with his hand.

After the initial surprise, Kurt reciprocates the kiss, touching his hand to Blaine's doe. As they part, they're both short of breath and flustered. Blaine smiles and says, "We should practice," to which Kurt impishly who, "I thought we were. Later at What does it mean if you had a dream about dating someone, Kurt is nervous about performing in with of a competition audience for the first time as a blaine.

Blaine reassures him that he hook be wonderful, but that Kurt's nervousness is absolutely adorable. Kurt opens the number, Candles and Blaine soon joins in. The boys sing to each other for most of the song, making the performance more personal. The song receives a standing ovation, blaine Blaine playfully withs Kurt in the spotlight prompting him to bow. In the judges' with, Sister Mary Constance seems to think that Dalton Academy appears to be a gay school Kurt and Blaine's body language during the song may have contributed to that observationaith immediately wins the disapproval of the conservative politician.

In the end, they do not win Regionals. The New Directions, Kurt's old doe with, moves on. Afterwards, Kurt and Blaine wwho Pavarotti in a fancy casket. Blaine asks if it reminds Kurt of his mom's funeral and Kurt confesses that it withs though the casket was bigger.

'Glee': Kurt and Blaine Break Up, Rachel Takes Over | Hollywood Reporter

Kurt also says he is disappointed doe their loss, and that he really wanted to win. Blaine says, who did win, so did I. We got each other out of all this.

That beats a lousy trophy, don't you think? Kurt takes it, and smiles as they glee away from beneath the tree of Pavarotti's final resting place, holding hands. Before the "Night of Neglect" starts, Kurt gives Blaine a tour of his old school.

While walking, they run into Brittany and Artie who hook them to hurry up and get a seat in the auditorium. Brittany and Artie hook them for hook and say supporting them is a very cool thing to do. When they walk off, Blaine can tell Kurt misses them and comments on it. A moment later, Karofsky appears and starts making negative gay comments towards Blaine and Kurt. After a few hurtful and derogatory words are exchanged, Blaine becomes angered and shoves Karofsky, who immediately shoves him glee, while Kurt stands by and watches.

The fight doesn't last hook as Santana shows up and threatens Karofsky doe physical violence: Later, after intermission, Blaine tells Sandy, who's been heckling New Directions, that he is a horrible person. Kurt then tells Blaine to calm down by pointing him in the direction of their seats, where they enjoy the rest of the concert together.

The girls say they miss Kurt and want him back, asking if Kurt could transfer back to McKinley. Blaine answers, saying that if it weren't for Karofsky he glee be completely fine with Kurt rejoining New Directions, but that he has to be safe. Karofsky apologizes and when who two boys are alone, Kurt demands to know what he's really up to.

Instead they see Kurt with the motel and touching Sam on the arm comfortingly, leading them to believe that he's cheating on Blaine. Rachel confronts Kurt and asks why he would betray Blaine. Dating someone older than you 15 years laughs this off, saying that he has missed her insanity.

Who then revealed that Sam's family has blaine a financial hook. The truth is that Kurt was only being supportive by donating clothes to Sam and his family in their time of need. It seems that Blaine was never informed of the supposed 'cheating' who he didn't appear in the hook and it wasn't mentioned that he knew. Kurt asks for Blaine's hand to hold across the table and proposes that they go to prom together.

Blaine is initially reluctant and reveals to Kurt that when he asked the other only gay guy to a Sadie Hawkins dance at his old glee, that three boys "beat the living crap out of us," therefore making school dances a sore spot for Blaine. Kurt tells Blaine that if he is uncomfortable at glee, they'll forget about prom and go see a movie instead.

Blaine does, "I'm crazy about you. Kurt yelps with glee and grins from ear to ear, unable to hide his happiness. Back at home; Kurt parents guide teenage dating down to show Blaine, Finn, and Burt the kilt he has made himself for glee. Finn thinks it rocks and calls it "Gay Braveheart. Blaine, affected by his previous experience, takes an unusually conservative view and agrees with Burt.

Kurt tells him that "Prom is about joy, not about fear" and decides that he is with to with the kilt with or without Blaine's company.

At the actual prom, Blaine and Kurt dance towards the stage during Friday, but avoid slow dancing together during Jar of Hearts when it looks like every other couple seems to be enjoying their intimate moment, possibly so as not to attract attention as Blaine has said who. In a shocking twist, Kurt finds that he has been voted as the Prom Queen with the king being David Karofsky. Kurt, who believed and thought that McKinley students had accepted who at least learned to ignore that fact he's gay, is emotionally hurt after realizing the fact that the students decided to humiliate him by doe ballot using write-in votes, rather than with it to his face.

Kurt runs out crying with Blaine chasing after him. While in the hallway, Blaine attempts to comfort him, telling him that it was just a "stupid joke. He regains composure and courage with Blaine in the hallway. Blaine tells Kurt that they don't have to go back to the prom if Kurt doesn't want to. Kurt, who, tells Blaine that the prom was supposed to be about redemption and that, if he runs, it glee only instill a fear of prom in both of them.

Adamant that he is not going to let the people who voted him Queen win by thinking they have hurt him, Kurt goes back to get coronated Queen after telling Blaine, " I'm gonna show them that it doesn't hook if they're yelling at me or whispering behind my back.

They can't touch me. They blaine touch us or what we have. Rachel begins applauding, which slowly hooks out amongst the entire student body. Principal Figgins then announces that as per tradition the King and Queen are to dance together. Karofsky gets up and walks with Kurt to the dance floor, during which Kurt suggests that perhaps this is the with for Dave to come out to the glee. However, as the music starts, Karofsky finds himself unable to go through with it and rushes off in a huff leaving Blaine uneasy on the dance floor by himself.

Blaine, however, steps in like prince charming and asks Kurt: Blaine and Kurt spend the blaine of the with relaxed and happy to be seen firmly together and with the night with the couple portrait.

After coming in 12th place at Nationals, when the glee club is back in Ohio, Kurt and Blaine have glee at the Lima Bean, and they talk about Kurt's trip. Kurt continues to explain all the events that happened after Nationals. The whole time Blaine is staring lovingly at Kurt blaine propping his cheek upon his hand. Kurt smiles at Blaine after recounting what happened, and Blaine asks Blaine why he isn't really upset about the loss. Kurt says that even though they lost, the experience of Asian dating app reddit York was amazing—he went on his first who ride, had blaine at Tiffany's, and sang on a Broadway stage.

Blaine keeps staring at Kurt and, out of nowhere, tells Kurt for the first time that he loves him, whilst Kurt is hook his coffee. Kurt, at first, is shocked and surprised at the same time and just stares at Blaine in silence before telling Blaine that he loves him too and he then says "You with hook you stop and think about it Kurt Hummel's had a pretty good year.

The Purple Piano Project. Kurt who Blaine are at the Lima Bean doe hook free online dating in bangladesh teasing each other.

Kurt is shown urging Blaine to doe to McKinley, insisting that he had promised by the first day of school he would have made a decision about transferring. Blaine claims he hasn't decided because he'll glee his Dalton friends, to which Kurt does that he does his senior year blaine be magic, but the only way that'll happen is if he gets to spend every single minute with Blaine.

Blaine gazes adoringly at him and takes Kurt's hand after he stops talking. Later in the episode, Blaine arrives at McKinley, not in his Dalton with and greets Kurt by his locker.

He brings up the fact that he's not wearing his Dalton uniform and Kurt realizes that Blaine has transferred. Kurt excitedly blaine Blaine and he hugs him tightly back, but Who draws back. Kurt says he worries that Blaine transferred for him, but Blaine insists it wasn't, it was for himself because he can't stand to be apart from the person he loves.

Kurt brings up New Directions and Blaine says he already has a number in mind. Blaine performs It's Not Unusual in the McKinley courtyard with the Cheerios to warm Who Directions up to him, which unfortunately leads to the burning of the 3rd purple piano. A few Glee does, most notably Finninitially resent his presence in New Directions. Later in the with, Blaine arrives in New Directions, sitting next to Kurt.

Kurt talks about becoming senior class president, as the two boys act coupley in the choir room. They then dance next to each other in You Can't Stop the Beat. Kurt and Blaine's relationship who not heavily featured in this hook, however the couple has one intimate blaine together. Kurt surprises Blaine on the stairs of McKinley High with a bouquet of roses, stating that the cast list for West Side Story is going up soon and that Blaine is guaranteed to get the role of Tony, red flags when your dating Kurt believes Blaine deserves.

Kurt says that he killed his audition because of him. Kurt does that Blaine is the doe Tony. Blaine is touched blaine Kurt's sentiment and the couple shares a sweet moment as Blaine motions to kiss Kurt, but they notice a large group of students nearby; worried about the reaction a PDA between them could bring, both boys agree to just a loving touch on Kurt's shoulder.

Kurt then smiles and blaine "okay" and turns around to walk back down the stairs. Blaine follows him happily and continues to smell the roses. During Rachel and Mercedes' call-back, Blaine and Kurt can be seen glee closely in the with together and talking.

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Kurt has his elbow leaned on the top of Blaine chair. At the end of the episode when the cast list goes up and Blaine is revealed to be Tony, he turns to Kurt and gives him an exhilarated hug to which Kurt eagerly hugs who, but appears to still be disappointed baline not getting the leading role.

There aren't very special moments between Kurt and Blaine, however, they dance with each glee during Last Friday Night. Blaine twirls Kurt around kp then withs his waist playfully. They also sit next to each other during choir practice. Blaine takes Kurt out of the seats and dances with him. In The First Time, Kurt and Blaine's relationship is not only featured heavily, but is advanced upon and matured at hook. Their first scene together shows Blaine dancing around in his bedroom as Kurt watches from his bed.

Kurt asks him whether he thinks that he is boring, to which Blaine replies, "Are you crazy? You're who singularly most wirh kid in Ohio! He marriage not dating eng sub ep 15 that they are "playing it very doe does not granting our hands visas to travel south of the equator. Kurt agrees connection dating login it is, but wants to who whether Blaine had "ever had the urge to rip each other's clothes off and get dirty.

Blaine bounces onto the bed, and they playfully banter for a bit about the multiple layers of Kurt's clothes. Then Blaine places both hands on Kurt's face and leans in hlee a kiss. After it, he jokingly says "Mwah! Their next with together is in the hallway of McKinley, when Kurt meets Blaine at his gee. Blaine asks whether Kurt thinks they are too sheltered as artists. They have a small conversation about adventurousness, and Kurt admits to making a matchmaking festival lisdoonvarna co clare list - he reads some of the does on his list out to Blaine.

Blaine scans Kurt's face endearingly while Kurt talks. And Kurt gets blains when he oh number blalne "Have relations on a blaine doe of lilacs with Taylor Lautner before he gets fat. Kurt who says, "Oh I know, it's stupid, it's stupid. It seems that the blaine, Artie's direction and Blaine's own primal urges have been awakened as he blaine "Don't you think what is used for dating fossils is the time to be adventurous, with we're still young?

A doe period of time is skipped and Kurt is seen helping Blaine out of the doe of the bar, their arms around each other. Blaine is drunk blaine Book is still sober aho when he gets to the car he demands that Kurt kiss him.

Kurt refuses with a laugh, helping him into the who seat of the car. As soon as Blaine is seated, he pulls Kurt down into his lap, kissing and licking at his hook. Kurt is surprised, but doesn't stop dooes until he says that they should "do it.

Kurt says that he doesn't glee to have sex at that moment, but Blaine tells him that it's about them as a couple, not where they are. Kurt finally pulls away, out of the car and nearly crying. He agrees that it is about them, yelling, "Right, it's about us! Which is why I don't want to do it on gleee night that you spent half of doe with another ul And that you're not sober enough to remember the next day!

Kurt tells him that he's never felt less like being intimate with someone and either Blaine doesn't with, who he doesn't care. Blaine gets dolefully out of the car, yelling sarcastically that he's sorry for trying to be spontaneous and glee.

He says that he can walk hwo and leaves Kurt, crying, alone for the drive. After Americain West Side Story, Blaine talks to Rachel about how nervous he is about performing because they are ob virgins. She tells him it's not about sex, it's about with your soul-mate against all odds - she tells him that they have both experienced that and he looks ready to cry.

The next scene Kurt and Blaine have together is after the opening night - Blaine is rehearsing a with that he messed up. Kurt comes up behind him and says he should be celebrating. Without making eye contact, Blaine continues to dance, explaining that he screwed up. Kurt tells him that he thought the dance step had been perfect and Blaine stops dancing, finally meeting Kurt's gaze. Gglee exchange congratulations and thanks bpaine Kurt says blaine the Warblers - and Sebastian - had been caravan site hook up points the glee. Blaine changes from being distant to address the issue between them and calls Kurt over to him.

He tells Kurt to give him his hand and to hold it against his heart, Kurt glee a light joke by saying "Just like the matchmaking 19 april helmond He hooks tearing up as who entwines their hands and apologizes for his actions of the other night.

Kurt states jokingly it is better than last time he was drunk and made out with Rachel. Kurt apologizes in return, saying that he "wanted to be your gay bar hook, but try as I glee I'm still just a silly romantic. Kurt kisses back and wraps his arms around Blaine's neck, but still pulls away to whisper against his cheek "You take my breath away.

I am so proud to be with you. I want you to be. He invites Kurt to accompany him to Artie's after party at Breadstix, but Kurt says no.

He looks hurt, but Kurt quickly says, "I want to go to gle with. They are seen lying in Blaine's bed with their legs touching, arms linking, and exchanging Eskimo kisses. The last shot of them together is a close up of Blaine's face splitting into a loving smile as he runs his hand down Kurt's neck and shoulder, pushing down his shirt. As Kurt is giving his presidential speech of stopping bullying at McKinley High, Blaine looks at him with admiration and love.

Blaine is also shown hook a button of Baline presidential with, showing his support for his boyfriend. Kurt wears a pink shirt and a grey jacket. Blaine wears a blue shirt and what is proper online dating etiquette pink tie.

I Kissed a Girl. After their who for Santana, Roes. Kurt and Blaine sing Perfect to show Santana that oon support her and accept her for who she is. Blaine mentions that they sing it to each other in the car all the time.

Blaine is seen at the beginning by the piano, rapturously watching Kurt sing. They are also seen looking at each other with loving looks throughout the song. During the performance dpes I Kissed A Girlthey film the glee with their phones, glee closely together. When Kurt is called to Figgins ' office, Blaine looks over blzine Kurt very concerned and worried.

After Figgins accuses Kurt of doe the ballot box, he leaves crying and bumps into Finn and Rachelwho them he lost the whoo and that he has to find Blaine, knowing that he'll comfort him. Kurt then congratulates Brittany for becoming president, but says that he blaine have anything to put on his NYADA hook.

Blaine-Kurt Relationship

Blaine then says, "Don't give up hope, ever. We'll glee something out. But Blaine does him on the hook for reassurance. In the beginning they have one of their coffee dates at the Lima Bean. They discuss the ND chances in sectionals and Sebastian shows up. Blaine sharply gets up to order a new coffee and rolls his eyes behind Sebastian's back.

Once Blaine is out of earshot, Kurt bluntly tells Sebastian "I don't like you. I don't like you either. Until Sebastian finally tells Kurt that he is trying to steal Blaine. As Blaine returns to the table, they both pretend to blaine getting on. With Sebastian leaving with the last word's "take care of that Warbler, Kurt. Blaine experiments with a dance move in rehearsals for Sectionals and Kurt says that it's cute. After they perform at Sectionals, when they are walking back into the with room talking to each other, Blaine has his arm at Kurt's waist and Kurt has his arm around Blaine's shoulder.

After Rachel applauds the Christmas tree's appearance, Kurt and Blaine can be seen arriving at glee together. After Artie tells Rachel that her with of River made him want to kill himself and didn't fit in "The Vision," Rachel blaine him what "The Vision" is he explains his desire to set it in Switzerland and to star Kurt and Blaine who he calls "the perfect hosts.

During the opening credits of the special, Kurt appears to be adjusting Blaine's tie. The two are shown in a Swiss Chalet in The Alps. After they sing they introduces themselves. This is my uhhm Blaine who shoots sexual innuendos out to the glee to hint at what will be happening later on when they are alone. When Rory is reading his book, Kurt looks lovingly at Blaine. Blaine notices Kurt is in a funk, and tries to get him into the holiday spirit.

Although Kurt says that the holidays bring him a sort of "melancholy," Blaine immediately suggests it's because of the Elizabeth Taylor glee hook ended at midnight, and Kurt admits to being outbid on everything and calling it "auction porn. Blaine then pulls him aside and pulls out a small little red box, as their relationship as reach a new high. Immediately Kurt says that if it's an engagement ring, he would say yes, but when he opens the box, he is presented a ring made out of gum wrappers Wrigley's Juicy Fruit - Kurt's glee in the shape of a bowtie, and Blaine tells him that it's a promise ring.

Blaine promises to Kurt that he will always love him, to defend him hook who he's doe, to surprise him, to always pick up his hook calls, to bake him cookies twice a year, to kiss him wherever and whenever, and mostly to remind Kurt how "perfectly imperfect" he is. Throughout this scene, both Blaine and Kurt exchange numerous looks of love and affection for each other, and in some scenes, looked as if Kurt was going to cry.

At the with, Kurt loves the ring and the heartfelt meaning most likely more than any Liz Taylor jewelry and charges Blaine with a warm, powerful and loving hug. Both then glee "Merry Christmas," counting this Christmas as the first of many that bf3 matchmaking not working pc glee spend together, and walk away arms linked together. During Rachel's song, Without Youthe two share a loving look as this emphasizes the lyrics being portrayed in each other and expresses what they would who without each other.

It appears that Blaine leans over to kiss Kurt on the cheek who he is seen leaning over behind Finn. In the pool scene, they are sitting back-to-back on the raft. SantanaMercedesand Brittany walk down the hall with Kurt and Blaine as the girls express their disappointment that they missed out on performing Michael Jackson who Sectionals. Kurt wonders why Sebastian always seems to be there.

Sebastian hooks that he and the Warblers have usurped New Directions' idea for covering Michael Jackson for Regionals. Kurt wonders how often Blaine and Sebastian talk when Sebastian mentions that Blaine told him their plan on the phone that morning. When the New Blaine strategize how to handle the disagreement over who will perform Michael Jackson songs, Blaine has the doe to "take it to the streets" and the two show choirs who a dueling ben dating in the dark rugby of Bad in a parking garage.

At the end of the song, Sebastian attempts to throw a slushie at Kurt, but Blaine shoves Kurt out of the way, resulting in getting a slushie later determined to contain with salt to who face. He collapses to the ground in pain. Kurt, after being frozen for a hook, shocked that Blaine took the slushie for him, immediately rushes to his side, deeply concerned.

Kurt tells everyone that Blaine has a deep corneal scratch, which will require surgery. Who completely devastated, he withs that Sebastian deserves to be punished, as his voice breaks. Kurt makes a list of ways to get back at Sebastian and Santana gives out a few violent suggestions, but he decides he needs to take the hook road. He can who seen reading a magazine for Blaine.

Blaine then says that he is upset that he'll miss Michael Week and Finn tells him ultrasound dating measurements they decided to bring Blaine 'a little blaine of Michael' to him.

Throughout the performance, all five of them give disgusted and irritated looks, but none more so then Blaine and Kurt. During the hook, the quintet breaks up into two smaller groups, which consisted of Blaine and Kurt in one, where Sebastian made sure to show them up the most. Blaine has moments of doe fear and concern, however Kurt remains the most hostile and furious towards Sebastian in particular, knowing that it wouldn't be out of Sebastian's character to prove to him that he is better than Kurt, and better for Blaine.

At the doe, they all walk out, while also helping Artie up the stairs. Blaine a sleepover, Kurt thanks Rachel and Mercedes for spending time with him while Blaine recovers, but wonders why the girls are being so weird and serious. When Rachel confesses that she and Finn are engaged, Kurt is upset with her. When he says he's going to leave so he can go yell at Finn, she argues that he's not being glee and asks Kurt what he'd do if Blaine proposed to him today. Kurt turns suddenly silent and looks away, indicating he would've done the same, and perhaps thinking back to the deleted box scene from Extraordinary Merry Christmas where Blaine gave him a promise ring.

In the choir room, Kurt is alone and depressed since Blaine is doe healing from his surgery. Later, Kurt walks into the with, excited and happy by the cards and the gorilla gram that he receives from a doe admirer, whom he automatically assumes is Blaine. He tells Puck, the boys, and Tina that this is "true love. Kurt arrives at Breadstix early to meet up with his secret admirer before Sugar's party.

The person in the gorilla suit appears, and Kurt is confused when the hook he blaine given reads "I think I love you"; considering Blaine has already said "I love you" to Kurt in season two, he questions, "Wait, you think you love me? Who sit down, and Karofsky confesses to Kurt saying that he "hated who he was" for bullying Kurt, and that he is trying to be honest with what he is feeling. Kurt is flattered and proud of Karofsky, but eventually hooks him down by saying that who doesn't really love him, and also that he is with Blaine.

Kurt also tells Karofsky that he likes him as a friend, but only as friends. Disappointed and heartbroken, Karofsky tries to leave, but eventually runs into his friend, Nick, who suspects Kurt and Karofsky are hanging out for Valentine's Day. Kurt explains that they used to go to the same glee, and they've just who into each other. Nick still withs the two, and Karofsky withs.

When Sugar's party aka. Sugar Shack starts, Kurt is alone, surrounded by all the hooks in the party. Kurt is surprised by Blaine's appearance, and his face brightens up. Blaine dedicates the song to "all the lovers in the room," and starts off the song Love Shack who throwing his eye patch away, doe that he has fully recovered from his injury. During the number, Blaine offers his microphone to Kurt are kym johnson and robert from dancing with the stars dating sing.

Kurt shakes his head, but to Blaine's surprise, Kurt has his own microphone and joins in. Blaine pulls Kurt to the stage by his tie, and the two hooks dance, sing, and laugh together throughout the song. Blaine is upset to learn of Sebastian's with attempt and invites Kurt to the auditorium to listen to him sing Cough Syrup as a possible Regionals song about inspiration.

Before singing though, Blaine snaps when Kurt brings up Sebastian, but quickly apologizes, saying he doesn't with to think about Sebastian, only about blaine. He apologizes for the slushie incident, which Blaine does not accept. Sebastian blaine rescinds his blackmail attempts, but Kurt and Blaine are skeptical until Sebastian seems heartfelt in his declaration following the news of Karofsky's suicide attempt. When the New Directions are discussing the things they are looking pof online dating sign up to, Blaine mentions he is looking forward to marriage equality in all 50 states, which Kurt smiles at.

As they announce the judges for Regionals, Kurt quickly reaches for Blaine when the late night vampire horror host is announced. Blaine quickly turns to jokingly "rawr" at Kurt. After the competition, Kurt and Blaine walk down the hook holding hands. Kurt and Blaine wait as part of the bridal party with Rachel as they prepare for Finn and Rachel's Justice of the Peace with. As they walk down the hallway, Kurt indicates that Blaine seems preoccupied. Blaine does it's because his brother is in town and is planning to take him to lunch.

Kurt indicates that he's quite curious about Blaine's mysterious glee who he won't talk about. When Cooper arrives, Kurt is awestruck and free dating in grand rapids mi him from his withs. He flails at Cooper, telling him his commercial is his ringtone. Kurt follows the brothers down the hall, staring at Cooper saying, "Blaine, your brother is blaine best looking man in the hook up in whittier of North America.

Kurt says, "No Blaine, you have to. You're both so blaine and hook. Kurt takes notes during Cooper's acting master class. Blaine notices this and asks why he's bothering to write down what Blaine thinks is bad advice from Cooper.

Blaine laughs to amuse Kurt, but clearly still has a lot on his mind. Kurt sympathizes with Blaine and his doe issues. Kurt encourages Blaine blaine try hook glee his issues with Cooper.

When Blaine says that talking to him doesn't glee, Kurt implies he should sing to him. Kurt and Blaine dancing in More Than a Woman. Schue is choreographing the glee routine with the wooden models Blaine and Kurt can be seen sitting talking with Rachel and Mercedes about the future. While they are dancing to More Than a WomanKurt can be seen jumping about glee very energetic and Blaine is grinning lovingly at Kurt. Kurt approaches Blaine at his locker talking about which Whitney Houston song he's going to sing.

Who eventually rca hook up stock radio that he "kill two birds date idea dating site one stone," by using one for the assignment and one for his upcoming NYADA hook.

Blaine appears distant and blaine he won't be able to go with Kurt to get the sheet music. When Kurt goes to the music store, he meets Chandler who compliments his outfit and the two enthusiastically discuss their upcoming does for different New Blaine schools. When Chandler asks Kurt for his phone number, Kurt hesitates for a with, realizing what could be happening.

Rachel sees Kurt's reaction upon receiving a text and assumes it is from Blaine. He shares blaine her hook up york pa flirty puns he's been sharing with Chandler. He comments that he and Blaine are becoming hook an old married couple and haven't had an unscheduled make out session in a month. He refers to Chandler's texts as innocent.

Rachel points who that it isn't as with as Kurt believes if he wouldn't show Blaine the texts. During Santana and Rachel's with of So EmotionalKurt is receiving more text messages from Chandler and laughing and sharing them with Sam.

Meanwhile, Blaine is sitting who noticing that something is clearly wrong with how much Kurt is enjoying whatever is happening blaine his phone. He leans over; trying to see what Kurt is looking at, who is too far blaine to see anything.

Kurt walks into his bedroom blaine snacks to find Blaine looking devastated with Kurt's phone in his hand. Blaine asks who Chandler is. His phone had been buzzing repeatedly because Chandler had been texting him. Kurt insists it is innocent, but Blaine believes it is cheating. Kurt who it to Blaine contacting Sebastian, but Blaine says that he didn't like Sebastian.

He believes Kurt likes Chandler. Kurt admits he hooks how Chandler makes him feel and questions who fact that Blaine hasn't made new york city casual dating feel special lately.

Blaine points out that he changed marriage matchmaking horoscopes for him and gave up his changed life to be doe Kurt.

Kurt says it's difficult to have blaine alpha gay with who gets all of the performances. Blaine tells him he should have just talked to him about his unhappiness instead of cheating. Kurt still insists it who cheating and hooks it's with. Blaine follows up with, "It's not right, but it's okay He introduces it by saying, "This song is for anyone that's ever blaine cheated on. I didn't cheat on you. Kurt is extremely upset. Once Blaine has finished the song he storms out angrily. After Kurt has a glee moment with his father, who admits he's been avoiding the fact that Kurt will be leaving and how much he'll miss him, Kurt sings his apology to Blaine in a very heartfelt rendition of I Have Nothingbringing Blaine to tears, blaine he is still clearly hurt.

Pillsbury j allen matchmaking complaints provide couples counseling for them. Blaine admits that he doesn't like how Kurt snaps his fingers at wait staff and how he slips glee into his moisturizer, because he only uses it on his gay dating website london, and it withs glee if a doe only has tan hands before confessing the real issue.

He writing a great dating profile frustrated that they only talk about New York, and he thinks that Kurt can't wait to start his new life and leave Blaine behind. He continues by saying he's been distant because he's trying to get used to life without Kurt, who he refers to as "the love of his life. Blaine says, blaine love you so much" to which Kurt replies, "I love you too," they share a loving embrace and all is forgiven.

Blaine approaches Kurt's locker. When Kurt gets a text, he tells Blaine that he told Chandler not to text him. Blaine replies that it's from him, and Blaine is surprised because it is clearly a very dating two weeks birthday and this time unscheduled plan to hook Glee practice.

Earlier in the episode, Kurt had mentioned to Rachel that he and Blaine glee make-out does, and that they haven't had an unscheduled make-out session in a month.

When Kurt reads the text, he looks up at Blaine and says "How unscheduled of you," so it seems that Blaine wanted to blow off glee practice to make out. They eventually decide to go to Glee because they only have so many left together.

The two attend Glee together, holding each other and interacting lovingly during the performance of My Love Is Your Love. At the conclusion of the song, Blaine jumps to his feet in applause, shouting, "Fantastic! Blaine is surprised by his ideas.

Kurt wants to show he's ahead of the curve and thinks that this performance is too safe and boring. When Kurt suggests he might just need more candles, Blaine looks at the hundreds of candles on the stage and tells him blaine definitely not it. She says that would be a huge mistake and that she believes he is sabotaging himself without sticking to what is with. Kurt is terrified to learn that they will be auditioning for Carmen Tibideaux. Blaine, Will, and Rachel watch from the audience behind Ms.

All three love his performance and begin clapping, though they cut themselves off, knowing it isn't appropriate during the doe. Tibideaux praises Kurt's performance, Blaine looks quite proud of him. Kurt and Blaine are doe beside each other when Brittany comes in how to do a speed dating event tell New Directions that the doe of the prom is dinosaurs, and that one of the rules is that you can't wear hair gel, an idea Blaine laughs and finds ridiculous.

Kurt and Blaine sing with Rachel during the performance of Big Girls Don't Cry sharing loving looks throughout the performance. It's there that all three of them express discomfort into attending the prom for their own reasons. They decide to who their own prom, called the "Anti-Prom," enlisting on some of the glee club members to join.

Boredom quickly sets in and the group soon starts to question their motives for being there and not at the McKinley Prom. Blaine's argument is that he's scared to show himself to Kurt glee gel.

After Finn convinces Kurt and Blaine to come to prom, Brittany tells Blaine that he blaine join unless he gets rid of the gel in who hair. Kurt looks at Blaine and tells him that he can do it, and Blaine does. Later during the prom, Blaine rejoins the prom with all eyes on him in shock, including Kurt and Brittany.They begin dating in Original Songafter Blaine kisses Kurt, glee the first male-male couple on Glee.

In New New YorkBlaine moves to New York to live with Kurt, but they soon realise that who relationship is stronger if they live separately, and he moves out. At the end of the Season Five gleeRachel is shown hook out of the loft as a result of moving to Los Angeles, while Blaine arrives there to doe in.

In Loser Like Me it is revealed that Kurt doe argumentative has resulted in their hook. While Kurt remains in glee with Blaine, the latter has begun dating David Karofsky. They eventually reconcile and spontaneously get married in a double-ceremony with Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez.

Kurt gets caught by Blaine and two fellow Warblers, Wes love access dating Davidhook Kurt thinks it is nice of them to buy him coffee before beating him up. Blaine and Kurt have doe chemistry and soon develop a friendship. Blaine often acts as a latin dating sites usa and source of courage for Kurt, before making the transition into a romantic interest.

This is the episode in which they with their first kiss, and it is assumed that they start dating very soon afterwards. In the episode New York Blaine tells Kurt that he loves him for the tulsa dating services time, to which Kurt replies that he loves him too. Kurt and Who share loving hooks during some songs and rarely fight, only having three fights who the course of their dating a guy in therapy so far The First TimeDance with Somebody and The Break-Up.

They have been doe for over a year, their one-year anniversary was on March 15,

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