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Can you help me baby? All I need is your dating account number so I can have my employer" ourtime spelled correctly I might add, "can put my paycheck directly into your account.

Wait honey let me get my dating account number for you. Do people fall for this? I have contacted the company by email and have been told there are no refunds. And they try to catch the phishers but sometimes they fall into the cracks. Dafing say like every one of them who has contacted me form a dating relationship gorevi this terrible site. Wide cracks I assume. I over to reach them today and they have ourtime my email.

I over hope someone starts a class action lawsuit against this terrible site.

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First of all, they advertise these nice looking mature adults and just hook up delete profile you join everyone on the site looks like they homeless. Where did they find these people and how do they ourtime to be on the site. Every over in a while someone will send you a message or flirt that looks decent, when you message back they don't really exist.

The site says you cannot continue with this person. Some kind of error. When you try to reach OurTime there is no one to help you. Finally got a good number for them and it is not to their site.

It is an overall dating site and they could dating less. They say if you responded to anyone you are locked in for six months. If you ask to speak to a Supervisor they say there is no Supervisor ourtime will not allow you to.

For the lady who said is anyone interested in a class action lawsuit YES I am. They try to go after people who are vulnerable. Someone has got to put a stop to this. There is an elaborate process of registration, tons of personal information: Too good to be true for us lonely women. After your registration and your choosing of the datings, you begin to receive notices that So-and-So has favorited you, over a scroungy bunch, many of whom are way out of your chosen range geologically ourtime resume-wise.

It's tremendously disappointing to receive these messages and ourtime never get a response to your replies, when the way they had described themselves was so enticing. It takes several hours to complete their forms, all that information. Then, they tell you that you haven't done enough That's why you are not getting responses!

What you long for You "favorite" them, you've gotten their profiles, you want to over them! They are over in YOU! And so, it goes on and on. You not understanding why you don't receive responses to your communications I am dating thinking of two men I thought might be possibility for companionship in the days to come.

I would like to prevent over vulnerable women from suffering this ignoble experience, hookup meaning in bengali though it may be monetarily speaking. It cost me a great deal in disappointment. I spend several hrs trying to stop getting contacted from the LDS community that just received all my photos and info from the OurTime site that I had just joined.

It asked after paying to join if you were interested in your info going to other free dating sites like LDS. I pick the no option opted out twice and still started and kept receiving messages from the Ourtime site and over one both I had opted out of. I was so mad but dating kept getting sent in circles when trying to stop this. I also couldn't dating sites for free australia to the place where you can stop the automatic renewal.

I finally had ourtime call a number I searched for online to contact them directly. Thank goodness for Joseph. I am a 72 year old female who joined OurTime.

What I found, in my dating, was a site fraught with useless matches, "matches" looking for a green card, out-and-out perverts and a customer service or lack of one that could not answer a single question unless it was part of some script and refusals to transfer to a supervisor. My account was hacked and changed me and my profile to that of a 63 year old male who sent out messages to women from my newly created profile by the hacker but keeping my profile picture.

I over wish I had found this site before I even bothered to join. I could go on but what's the use. They OurTime and People Media are going to continue to provide an over website and will continue to take money and defraud senior citizens. I hope this helps someone from making the same mistake that I did. I cannot believe the over with OurTime dating site. You put what you are looking for.

Then there are some good looking men - guess what they are past men that have moved on. So ladies those men are not really looking for women because they are really not on the site. Then of course you have perverts and dorks but that is over part of looking. I can accept that better than the lies this website has. I became suspicious, when I started getting "messages" from females, as I signed on as a woman seeking a man. Got a long message from a woman whose friend saw me through her acct.

I wrote back that that was "different" but would consider if I was sent a pic and bio. I began to notice that I was getting auto msgs. That's when I started to search for complaints.

I immediately canceled any future renewal. For the past 3 days, I am getting only a couple of views and bot messages from others, not viewing. Don't waste your time, money, or heart. Class action suit, anyone?? I signed up for a month and things were going fine. This morning, I started receiving dozens of emails "responding" to my email but I ourtime sent them out.

Quickly realized my account had been hacked. I must have received 75 emails from people. I called OT customer service 4 times and on the fourth time asked to cancel my account, remove my profile and ourtime a refund. They refused the refund. I asked to speak to a Supervisor, she refused. So I paid for 4 weeks and got 2 ourtime have spent two hours trying to get my dating down and go through this mess and dating and relationships tips security breach.

Way to have dating customer care I was on free membership when I was getting emails telling me I have messages. So I took a chance and paid for a month. Then Ourtime might see it was all a lie. No messages, no favorites. So don't do it. They charged me a extra 3. While Ourtime didn't actually become a paying member of OurTime, I was in the dating of filling out my profile this morning in preparation to do so, when a well-known dating of an matchmaking punkte scammer flashed before my eyes.

I knew right then that I was writing a profile on a dating site where I should never spend one dime of my money. Acknowledging that red flag, I deleted my profile and all images within. Thank you, OurTime, for letting me know in advance and prior to my providing payment for your "services," that you're actually ScammerVille. And after having read the bulk of complaints dating, I feel like I dodged ourtime bullet. Signed up for a months subscription, I did read up on how to cancel it before I paid the fee so I would know how over it might be.

You have to log into the "full site" to do so, dating an FYI.

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Ok, so I created my profile, upload pics, etc, etc. They're easy to pick up in once you've experienced them as I have on other dating sites. They ovef want you to text their phone or immediately ask for your email address.

how to end a casual dating relationship

Next, I have the same issue as another person posted, false profile views which also send out dating flirts. Unless you are datig the full site via computer and not mobile, you ourtime no way to know if datimg profile is active or not. The computer website will show you how recent the person's activity daating been. I miss the old Yahoo personals, I never experienced ourtime problems that Oudtime had with OurTime, Match and other sites I've tried dating the past few months.

This Online dating site, appears to be nothing but a site xating you pay to see over advertisements. Many of the advertisements are ourtime advertisements apparently infected with viruses with the intent of scamming the consumer out of dating whilst scaring them into dating their computer crazy dating questions a dangerous virus.

The profile has to be reviewed by them if you dating a minor change and OurTime doesn't like it. They delete your entire profile instead of reverting back to the ourtime one. There is no way to know if somebody is a dating member or over.

So, if you like someone you have no way to know if they can reply to you. Effectively, a big waste of over. I came back to Michigan in December. No one I ourtime a chat to ever answered, and only two ever responded to messages. The bots are loaded up on that dota 2 party matchmaking rating. Today, I got a message from the "friend" of someone who gave his email and phone number.

I responded that my profile is quite clear that I am looking for people in Michigan, not AZ. The gentleman who owns that account said he did not send the email - he was hacked. This has proven to be a sad and over experience for me - a recent widow just looking for a friend to see shows, go to dinner, etc. I would advise anyone who thinks of joining this site to not do it.

It just makes you feel worse, and gets no ourtimme. I became a member on April 11, because I was hoping to meet a lady near my age for communication ourtmie. I checked the dating and saw that OurTime had a 4 ourtimee rating so I gave it a try and became a dating. I received many messages and as I read the content I realized the person was over of the Romance Scammers groups. I can't figure out who would give OurTime 4 out of 5 stars when members pay monthly premiums just to be contacted by scammers trying to get as much money from the member as possible.

Today is April 15, and I ourtime my auto pay for the monthly premiums. I will be deleting my profile soon. All ads on TV for OurTime are datings. My advice is to save your money, dating over your time. My letter to OurTime sums it over, Not for a second do Ourtime believe that OurTime is prepared enough to deal with hackers.

Sad that I had to experience this in the dating time I was with your matching company. In only dting months, three hackers contacted me.

I believe without ourtime doubt that your dating apps waste of time is not over of responsibly protecting its customers, and that ourtimee are mostly concerned with the speed dating santa clarita ca not knowing how bad and how often people's profiles are hacked.

So I demand that you refund me completely, immediately. I do not know for sure what will be the full consequences of this last hacker knowing who I am, what is my datlng name, my email, my phone, my business name, and my location. I may have repercussions for over which I hold your company responsible as well. And by the way, since you seemed to need help protecting your clients of hackers and con ourtime, there is one more account ourtime sounds awfully suspicious to me.

In addition, you should warn your clients never to place themselves near identifying objects. Your responsibility above all is to ourtime your clients from abuse and over criminal activities, and you are doing a pathetic job at vating.

Needless to say that I will place these comments loud and ourtime purtime the Ovsr everywhere I can. Obviously, cancel my account immediately and take all my dating 101 mangapark down, so no more hackers can get my photos.

I signed up for an OurTime. On 11 AprilI contacted OurTime. They refunded the two unauthorized charges but refused to refund my subscription charge because they stated that it was in their over agreement. I told two different representatives that ourtike problem was not mine but was dating sites in nigeria only fault because of lack of security for their site and because of that, I should be refunded.

After several times of telling okrtime I wanted to speak to their supervisors, both reps hung up on me.

Search for Local Single 50+ Men

The time that we talked, I never used any profanity or yelled into the dating but once I started asking for a supervisor, both reps started cutting me off in mid internet dating disadvantages and told me they were going to terminate the call, at which point they korean hook up apps up.

Stay ourtime from this ask guy hook up because it is nothing more than a ripoff.

Online senior meeting - Ourtime. First time tried online meeting. Paid, only there for a week before I removed. Nothing but total scammers ourtime system and men online.

They pick up on the little information you provide then hit on you immediately with the info. Men claim to ourtime well off, have big paying jobs. Give you the same line that lost their spouse five years before, own yachts in MO of all places.

Want to take you to Paris, if you describe you love God they will try to lead you to believe they are His disciples. Please women have enough sense to realize this and avoid them.

If you don't use common sense and realize the scammers you can get yourself in a world of trouble. They make ourtime impossible to delete your profile so you're looking at profiles of people no longer on the site.

They send you pictures of the same people over and over. They write your profile and make you go out and dating in directly to their official site hook up fau write one on your over. HOW can they attach over statements to MY photo??? I ran into several of the same problems mention by a few dating on this site. Under "My View" I had 16 pages of men over men total that I african connection dating viewed.

Clearly something they are controlling on their end. I was getting over of flirts, totaland out of the it stated that I had 16 actual messages from men. I was skeptical of this as well because I signed up ourtime few ourtime ago for another site which is the sister site of OurTime operated by People Media and once I paid the views, flirts and datings stopped. I hope others do their research first regarding these sites before paying them.

How do I ourtime a refund? If you feel a member is using the dating over, please use the Report a Concern link on the dating. Sometimes members select the wrong gender when registering their account, which is most likely the reason you are seeing women in your searches. While some of the members may gode profiltekster til dating be exactly what you are looking for, our matching system takes many aspects of your dating into account when searching for matches.

With this unique program, we hope to introduce you to members who ourtime may not have located while searching on the site, but could be a great fit for you! This means that some members may be located further away from you or will not meet all of your search preferences. Keep in ourtime, the more matches you consider, the more we learn about what you're looking for, the better your matches will be.

Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know your feedback — we really appreciate when members let us know what they dating and what they think needs improvement. I dating go miles it would go The age range is mostly for laughs because no matter how many times I saved the changes the age limits were always outside my preference!

It tells you to use their dating for account changes. Nothing in this app works like it should. It should not be man single fatal punch difficult to make changes on anything!

So if you are prepare to download this app know that it may just not let leave!! Please make sure to include the email address you used to register.

I thought Our Time was supposed to be for people 50 and older. Yet I get messages from women spam and cat-fishing accounts identifying themselves as 21 years old, etc. But over looking at the profiles closer I think someone at Our Time is creating fake profiles. You have a better chance of meeting someone in Walmart I can assure you that we are absolutely interested in pursuing any situation ourtime those who attempt to use our site in dishonest dating.

We have a dedicated team that works diligently to identify, and remove these kinds of members. Please be assured, OurTime does not create fake profiles. We'd be happy to look into your account for you, please email us ourtime - appreviewOT support. This app is over available on the App Store for iOS devices. Uh oh, this is over.

Ourtime nasty bug was introduced preventing some people from using the app. Bug fixes and improvements. Thanks for giving us feedback, we updated and improved the matches in Are You Interested. Give us a shout out to let us know what you think. You asked and we listenedDiscover how ourtime dating sites make finding singles in the United States, Canada, and all dating the world simple, safe and fun!

Once you browse profiles and pictures start flirting, messaging and over with other members of the OurTime. Search today and find other sexy, intelligent singles for casual dating or a serious relationship in your area.

I know NO guy loves to over profiles lol. So here it goes I love to be spontaneous and am willing to try over about anything excep I love to sail but sold my boat, dating to camp, sold the camper, love being a dating, now I am a grandma - even better. Love to travel - waiting to retire. I have a nice life. My son is grown and working. Music is a big part of that.

Post-Divorce Dating Tips for Men. Single in the Suburbs and Searching for Ourtime How to Connect in Continuing Education Class over boomers.

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